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To heal the past and welcome the future.

Panel of Experts
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This community based on the revelation and acceptance of the tactics of love transference and the emptiness which drives this spiritual warfare of demanding to love and be loved.

So here we are. Here to figure out what drives us to do the things that we do, to be the way that we are, to cause pain, to feel hurt, to love, to fuck, to hate, to fight... To understand...

If you seek to understand, for yourself, the things that you do out of this desperate longing, why you hate your father and how cold he is, why when your mother calls your name you feel tense mumbling "What does she want now?" to yourself, why you want to fuck any girl who makes herself look pretty yet run away from women who actually care about you, why you make yourself look so pretty hoping to find a man to have as your boy but feel afraid when a man shows that he's interested in you, why you let the billboards convince you that you'll get more love if you wear _____ like, why you believe that acting like _____ and driving a _____ will get you laid, why you get arrested for showing your penis in public but wear a similarly shaped piece of fabric around your neck to be a proper sucessful business man, why they'd only stare mesmerized at you if you went topless in public but with a cleavage bearing top they chat with you and offer you jobs, why life seems so complicated when you're doing your taxes, why they send the young ones of to war to kill other people who happen to live in another country, why you've always thought that there was more to life than the bullshit that school has taught, why you eat junk food and watch T.V. instead of going out and meeting people, why every time you've ever fallen in love it has been so beautiful but then ultimately degraded into a subtle hate, why your parents have settled for being so grumpy with lives so static, why your grandparents only ever look alive when they talk about the war, why you go to the cinema and get horny for the action of triumphant destruction and romantic comedies...ANYTHING LIKE THAT.

...or why you've always had the sneaking suspicion that there's something seriously fucked up about this here civilization that you were raised in and forced to deal with...

...If you've ever really wondered about these sorts of things, then here, let us offer you this place where you can talk about them, work through all of this insanity and how it has left you tainted and depressed and find something a little more in resonance with the nostalgia for paradise that your heart sings with.

The main 'rule' here is that you have the intent be honest with yourself about your need for love and the manipulative ways in which you have sought it in the past. Good luck.

The name of this community is a bit of a joke, perhaps. We call it "Panel of Experts" not because we've been to some prestigous university and jumped through their hoops to earn a degree and then got a job and became somehow respected... NO!!!! It's because together, through our discussions, our arguments, our art and our examples of life we can build a sort of understanding, a sort of broad perspective that helps us understand why we are the peculiar way that we are and come to terms with and own that shit!

It's called "Panel of Experts" because through talking honestly with eachother we can truely become experts on ourselves and other people. And seriously, what else is there to aspire to understand?